What a remix package!

Thomas Fehlmann is a long time Natalie Beridze fan and did a wonderful, classy, danceable and elegant mix of „Those Things“ where Nikakoi as a longtime Partner of Natalie gives the pop song “For Love” a new groove and meaning. Donna Maya takes a very cool and powerful take on „Light is Winning“ while Lightning Jules' mix is more romantic and playful.
And there are 3 additional "Light.." remixes exclusive for our bandcamp site: Gray's mix is more dark, Ivory Bells takes time and the light into the field, box von düe is reduced and more abstract.

All „Light is Winning“ remixes were conceived during the remix.regendered workshop in cologne held by Maya Sternel aka Donna Maya und Angelika Lepper aka Acid Maria. Thank you all for this fantastic work!

Taken from the album: Guliagava, by Natalie Beridze, TBA, Tusia Beridze.... recorded in Tbilisi, south-easternmost Europe. The Georgian metropolis is far from pop-cultural arteries, nevertheless its youth observes precisely what is happening outside, and installs that otherness in their own world with a delicate hand..... Her vocals have never been so animated, her songwriting has never sounded so complete, and her arrangements, for all their complexity, have never been so round. Guliagava is Beridze's tenth album and it is nothing less than her masterpiece... (Andreas Reihse, Monika87 CD/vinyl)


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Label monika enterprise

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Thomas Fehlmann is a Swiss-born composer/producer. He lives in Berlin and has been active in electronic music as far back as the 1980s. He is currently releasing on the Kompakt record label and he is long time partner of Alex Paterson in The Orb.

Nikakoi aka Nika Machaidze is a Georgian electronic musician and film director. He did the soundtrack for the play "The Park" by Botho Strauß and makes music for fashion shows and TV. He is a member of the Goslab group.

About the „Light is Winning“ remixes: Maya Sternel and Angelika Lepper have been running the remix.regendered workshop as part of a state sponsored project in West Germany for 10 years. The project aims to teach women technology and the aesthetics of remixing. Their remixes for Light is winning by Natalie Beridze came about there.

Donna Maya is a musician, DJ, sound engineer and the first female certified Ableton trainer. Her own compositions combine theramin and electronic beats to make a danceable sound.

Lightning Jules studied piano but at the moment prefers to play banjo and fiddle in bluegrass bands in Paris where she is living while doing a masters studies in Création musicale et sonore.

Gray is a musician and designer. She taught herself electronic composition while playing in various punk rock and folk bands and deals in dark melancholy soundscapes.

Ivory Bells is a design thinking couch, yoga teacher and songwriter. As a globe trotter she has a highly developed idea of world music and diverse field recordings.

box von düe is a trained psychologist and practicing media artist. She is interested in raw but also subtle sounds, which pervade the room. She also develops videos to accompany her recordings.

Natalie Beridze

Natalie Beridze is a Georgian music composer and songwriter. After graduating college she started making short films and music videos. Her video Game won second place at Oberhausen short film festival. Shortly after focusing on music she became a full time composer. Since 2004 Natalie has been performing live concerts worldwide and is known as the first female electronic music artist from Georgia. In 2002 she moved to Cologne and produced music under the artist name TBA. She’s released music in Europe on Max.E, Monika Enterprise, CMYK, Laboratory Instinct, Chainmusic, DADO Records and Apollo Records. In addition to her solo projects she has collaborated with artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, AGF (Antye Greie), Gudrun Gut, Joerg Follert, Marcus Schmickler, Nika Machaidze aka Nikakoi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gacha Bakradze.
Besides her contribution to Georgian electronic music and songwriting, Beridze works on music for acoustic instruments, orchestra and choir, some of her piano pieces are being performed by Georgian/Swiss pianist Tamro Kordzaia and Vera Kappeler.

She runs a TV and online video blog on Artarea TV, called Live@Twilight - a series of live performances of contemporary Georgian composers that take place and are being filmed every Friday at Artarea. Beridze teaches at CES (Creative Educational Studio) song-writing and music production class.

Beridze currently lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.